Photographer Dan Cruz

Daniel Cruz

We are excited to welcome a new contributor to St Catharines Street – photographer Daniel Cruz.

A Niagara local, Dan is better known as @dayoungphotographer on Instagram. His moody streetscapes are perfectly suited to edgy urban centres. We got to know Dan a little better with this quick interview.

Where are you from and where do you live?
I was born in Colombia, and then my parents and I lived in Miami for several years before they decided to settle in Niagara. We’ve been here ever since.

What do you do when you’re not taking photos around downtown St Kitts?
I’m in my final year of a Business Communications Degree at Brock. But I’m looking forward to making photography a full-time thing once I’m officially done school.


When/ how did you discover your love of photography?
I’ve actually always found photography interesting since I was a kid. But never got into it because I didn’t have a camera. It wasn’t till I visited Paris two years ago where I started to take photos on my phone and really liked how they turned. I started posting them on Instagram and people really liked them. I kept shooting, kept posting and eventually got a proper camera… and here we are!

What do you most like to photograph and why?
The way that you can make something so simple look amazing. It just depends on the angle, lighting, and vision. I think that’s really cool. Being able to capture the beauty in everything.

Lincoln Fabrics Building Port Dalhousie by Daniel Cruz
Lincoln Fabrics Building Port Dalhousie by Dan Cruz

What’s your favourite thing about the Niagara Region?
The Niagara Region is an interesting place. It’s quiet, which I enjoy from time to time. But I really like the potential this city holds. It has so much to offer. I’m just waiting for the people in it and the people outside of Niagara to realize it. There’s so much talent here. The whole city going to be on a new wave soon.

Where can people see your work?
All of my work can be seen on Instagram @dayoungphotogrpaher.

You can get in touch with Dan about his work at or message him on Instagram.

Lincoln Fabrics Building, Port Dalhousie, by Dan Cruz
Lincoln Fabrics Building Port Dalhousie by Dan Cruz