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Jessie and Thomas ReidThe idea for St Catharines Street started when my husband, Thomas Reid, and I moved from Newcastle, Australia, to the Niagara region with our family. After frustratedly trawling multiple tourism websites, social media accounts, and newspaper articles to find the locals’ hippest hangs and hidden haunts, we decided it was time to go exploring and let others know what we found in this great city we are so happy to call our new home.

I am a journalist and the former managing editor of My Child Magazine, Australia. For the past few years, I have worked as a science journalist and the Communication Coordinator for Education and Arts Research at the University of Newcastle, Australia (read more about my work here). So, I guess, it has become a habit to want to discover amazing new things and write about them.

The locals who Thomas and I have spoken with since arriving here are excited about what’s happening in St Catharines. They feel a revitalization and resurgence of the downtown area with new and unique businesses popping up all the time.

We are just as excited to share what’s happening in St Catharines and surrounds with you by bringing you fresh insights every week.

Sponsored posts on St Catharines Street are clearly labeled as such. We have no stake in any of the businesses we have reviewed, and any involvement with businesses reviewed in future posts will be done with full disclosure.

All the articles published on St Catharines Street are purely our opinion. It is about places or things we think you should check outย because they are unique or interesting.

That being said, as new residents of the Niagara Region, we would love to hear from you on your favourite things to do, places to eat and drink and shop.ย Find us on Instagram,ย Facebook or Twitter.

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Jessie Reid