Mindbomb Records St. Catharines. Image by Isaiah Mundle

Mindbomb records

With the opening of the Performing Arts Centre, Warehouse Concert Hall and a plethora of hip places to eat and drink, Mindbomb is part of a fresh cultural shift in downtown St. Catharines. After opening three years ago, it has garnered a multitude of support and love from locals who are so happy to have a great selection of vinyl available in downtown St. Catharines.

Inside Mindbomb Records St. Catharines

For me, vinyl has nostalgic value. I remember sitting on the hardwood floor of my childhood home and flicking through my parents’ collection. The artwork, the smell, the sound of the needle as it touches the vinyl are so vivid. I may be a little too mushy on this topic, but I know that my kids will never reminisce about scrolling through my iPhone full of tunes.

Vinyl at Mindbomb Records in St. Catharines

It’s no wonder that vinyl records never really go out of style. It seems that in a world where CDs have become obsolete, and digital files are intangible, vinyl still has a physical value that people feel is worth their money. Maybe, like me, you get the “warm fuzzies” from holding an album in your hands or you are a music lover who believes the sound quality is superior. Either way, you will enjoy the experience at St. Catharines’ own Mindbomb Records.

Couch at Mindbomb Records St. Catharines

Flicking through the large racks of records was such a trip down memory lane for me. The service was friendly and relaxed, not pushy, and the selection is extensive – from mainstream or more obscure stuff. I will happily stop by again soon to peruse and pick-up something special I can treasure for many years to come – whatever music record fades may come and go.

Feature image by photographer Isaiah Mundle. See more of his work on Instagram at @isaiahsteez or contact him at isaiahmundle@hotmail.ca.

Website mindbombrecords.com

Location 27 James St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 5B9