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As we stepped inside the front door of Ma Chinese Cuisine, I was pleasantly surprised by the modern decor and exposed brick throughout the expansive space. There are small private dining rooms with glass walls in the middle of the space, which would be perfect for a small celebration or special occasion.

We visited Ma for a Sunday dinner with family and happily shuffled into a booth. The service was very good. They had a highchair for our bub and plastic cups with lids for the kids’ drinks. It seems like such a minor thing to mention, but it’s those little touches that make your life as a parent easier when you are out for a meal. Our server was very thoughtful and always nearby with an extra napkin for our messy munchkins.


The menu at Ma is extensive. In fact, they have created a thickly-bound glossy magazine out of the menu, complete with editorial and recipes.

After much flicking through the menu/ magazine full of meat, vegetable, noodle, soup, and rice dishes, we decided to narrow our search to selecting two meat dishes, a vegetable dish and rice to share.

First, we selected Ma’s signature crispy fried chicken, and then the sizzling mushrooms and beef, which was suggested by our server. Plus, a plate of broccoli with oyster sauce and servings of steamed rice for each of us.


Our selection was like a traditional Sunday roast with a fragrant Asian twist, and was sufficient for our group of three adults and two small children, as the meals were quite large.

The fried chicken was a stand-out. It wasn’t breaded, but the lovingly-seasoned chicken skin was fried until perfectly crisp, and there was definitely more flavour in this dish than I expected at first glance.


The beef and mushrooms came on a sizzling plate to our table. The sauce was very flavourful and the beef tender and tasty. Our broccoli was cooked just enough to have some crunch to it and was perfect for soaking up the extra beef and mushroom gravy.

With the great service and food, the whole family had a really enjoyable time. I look forward to hitting-up Ma again soon. Next time for a meal and cocktails with friends. They also serve Dim Sum – one of my favourite post-party recovery meals.



Location 123 Geneva St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 4N3

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