Legends Estates’ 2013 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

By Thomas Reid

Back at it this week, finding the best options for your wine dollar in the Niagara region. My palate remains somewhat useless thanks to a pesky cold, however, I’ve been sitting on this wine for a few weeks for just such an occasion.

Admittedly one reason I held this one back was my tasting experience during my visit. I wasn’t at all impressed with the retail store nor the individual whose job it was to help sell the wine. My best guess is that the tasting bar experience at Legends Estates is secondary to their strong desire to push the location as a wedding destination. This, of course, can be said for most any winery who host weddings, though most don’t make it quite so obvious.

Nonetheless, I was pleased to have found this back vintage reserve (and barrel fermented!) Sauvignon Blanc from 2013 ($16.95). Always on the lookout for wines from the region that are a little out of the ordinary, the barrel fermentation of this Sauvignon Blanc, rather than using stainless steel, is what caught my eye.

The barrel fermenting of the 2013 Reserve from Legends Estate results in a rich and well-structured wine, with aromas of pineapple, lime, gooseberry, and passionfruit all supported by a subtle hint of smokiness. This is a complex and incredibly well-balanced example barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc.

Food pairings abound with this wine, but my suggestion would be to save a bottle for your Friday night take-out fish and chips.

As a bonus, Legends Estates serves as the bricks and mortar location of virtual winery Meldville by winemaker Derek Barnett. Meldville have several excellent wines including the 2nd Edition Chardonnay featured a few weeks back.

Price $16.95

Website legendsestates.com

Location 4888 Ontario St, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B3