Greenlane 2014 Guts and Glory

Greenlane Estate Winery’s 2014 Guts & Glory

Article by Thomas Reid

Finally back in the Twenty Valley, I stumbled upon Greenlane Estate Winery. Aside from a sign on the QEW, I knew nothing about them. This is of course the point of this series; discovering new, high-quality wineries and wines that are underrepresented in the LCBO. Like most wineries in Niagara, Greenlane Estates has no wine in the LCBO. So, in order to experience what they have to offer, you’ve got to make the short trip to Vineland for a taste.

Greenlane Estate Winery in Lincoln

I was pleased to discover that Greenlane offers several options (more than half of their portfolio in fact) that would satisfy our tight $20 and under prerequisite (this meant more tasting!). With options from a lovely Pinot Grigio to a fantastic (and incredibly priced) back-vintage Riesling to a medium bodied Cabernet blend, there were several contenders for the picking (keep an eye out in the future for another pick from Greenlane). However, I settled on the feisty 2014 Guts & Glory.

The Guts & Glory is a blend of 55 percent Chardonnay (Guts) and 45 percent Riesling (Glory). I’m pleased to feature this wine because it’s a blend of two of my most passionate “crusade” varietals. When speaking with casual wine drinkers in Niagara, it is these two varietals that seem to be the most polarizing. With those averse to Chardonnay, “too oaky” is the main complaint, with Riesling “too sweet” is the typical refrain.

Greenlane's 2014 Betrayed Guts and Glory

With the latter, some of the very best rieslings this region produces year after year are dry, high in acidity and incredibly refreshing. Chardonnay is arguably the varietal with among the most options in style, unoaked, barrel fermented, full malolactic fermentation, youthful or patiently cellared. For anyone wanting to dip their toe in the Chardonnay pool, but not quite ready for the whole thing, jump on in to this beautiful blend.

Guts & Glory is the third wine in Greenlane’s Betrayed series. It shows notes of butterscotch and vanilla, thanks to the Chardonnay, with a crisp clean acidity courtesy of the Riesling.

Greenlane Estate Winery Twenty Valley

The added benefit of including Chardonnay in to your wine diet, is its uncanny ability to pair with food. If you have been constantly pounding the “square peg” of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc in to the round hole of your roast chicken dinners or creamy veggie pastas, it’s time to rethink your attitude of one of the world’s most important varietals.

We will be back with a beautiful 100 percent Chardonnay (under $20) one of these days, but for now, give Greenlane Estates Guts & Glory a try. You’ll be glad you did.

The rundown

Greenlane’s 2014 Betrayed Guts & Glory ($19.95)

  • Release date 1 July 2017
  • Alcohol content 12.3% alc/vol
  • pH 3.29
  • Total acidity (g/l) 5.4
  • Residual sugar(g/l) 3.4


LocationΒ 3751 King St, Lincoln, ON L0R

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