Yoga By Sarah

I am a huge yoga fan. I have visited and/or been a member of many yoga studios in different countries. A good yoga class centres me, it makes me feel strong, improves my flexibility, and realigns my body after I sit hunched at my computer all day. After a great yoga class, I know I will have an awesome day.

So, one of my first questions when I moved here from Australia was: Where can I find a fantastic yoga studio in St Catharines? After some research and asking around, there seemed to be a few options, which I will definitely be trying, but Yoga By Sarah ticked all the boxes for me.


Firstly, while I love to do yoga as many times per week as possible, I am easily bored by repetitive classes. Yoga By Sarah has an awesome range of yoga classes, so I can do something different every day of the week. Some of my favourites are Ballet Barre Yoga, Yoga Tune Up (which is a yummy self-massage class), Hot Yoga Flow, and Yoga Tone. I am also looking forward to trying their Aerial Yoga class soon, where you get to hang from the ceiling.

Secondly, the instructors at Yoga By Sarah are second-to-none. They have so much knowledge about the body and the practice of yoga, and are always teaching different classes, so I am never bored.

Thirdly, and this one is key to getting me to a class, they have child minding services. Dropping my little munchkin off for a play and a snack with the other kids while I have a little time to myself during the day feels like such a treat.

Also, the atmosphere at Yoga By Sarah is really down-to-earth. I never feel self-conscience coming here. The staff are friendly and everyone just seems to drop their ego at the door.

New Yoga By Sarah studio

They have just opened the door to their new studio on Scott Street, which is a bigger space for their expanding fanbase with all new facilities.


Location 400 Scott St, St. Catharines, ON L2M 3W2