Between the Lines’ 2016 Pinot Noir

Article by Thomas Reid

With wine, the old adage “you get what you pay for” most certainly applies. Or does it? Of course, on average, you’ll be drinking better wine if you buy $25 bottles while your thrifty friend only shells out $15. In the lower price points a $7-$10 swing is a significant difference and will generally mark the difference between one quality level to the next.

However, part of the frustration (and fun!) with buying wine, is finding the best value for your dollar. There is nothing more frustrating than opening up a “mystery bottle” to discover the bottle you purchased, and perhaps spent a couple extra bucks on, is inferior to that bottle you know is tried and true. This is why the typical wine consumer is likely only to buy what they know.

We hope to expand your horizons by introducing you to wines around Niagara that are excellent value and more than worth the quick trip out to the winery. All of these wines will be available to taste at the cellar door before you commit to buy (something of a rarity at the LCBO) and are generally not the only excellent value wine available – just one of our favourites.


This week’s best of Niagara wines under $20 (and not available in the LCBO) is from Between the Lines. For their seven year history Between the Lines have been a hidden gem for Niagara wine drinkers looking for high quality and excellent value wines. With several to choose from, we’ve selected their 2016 Pinot Noir.


What sets Between the Lines’ 2016 Pinot Noir apart from most is their choice to ferment their pinot in stainless steel tanks rather than (traditional) oak barrels. Their decision to use stainless steel results in a livelier and more fruit forward Pinot Noir. This doesn’t mean sweet (4 g/L of residual sugar), but simply that the fruit is primary on the palate. Notes of cherry, raspberry and black tea are on the nose with cherry returning on the palate. This is a bold wine that persists on the finish.

Pair it with something earthy and hearty, like a mushroom and truffle risotto, a grilled rib-eye steak or vegetarian chili. Perfect for the cooler weather!

Between the lines have several excellent value for money wines worthy of our list. Be sure to try their Gewürztraminer and Riesling offerings as well.

The rundown

Between the lines 2016 Pinot Noir ($19.95)

  • A.B.V 12.50%
  • R.S. 4 g/L
  • T.A. 6.6 g/L


Location 991 Four Mile Creek Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0