Garden City Essentials

In the same way I am conscience of the food I eat, I often wonder about the effects of the products I put on my skin, especially since becoming a mother and sharing my body with another, smaller, human. When I was pregnant the first time, I stopped using deodorants with aluminium and other harsh chemicals in them and now scan the labels more thoroughly of the moisturizers and skin care I use.

What I noticed when I started doing this is that it’s difficult to find quality natural products that are transparent about what they contain. It is also almost impossible to find anyone in a big chain store who knows anything really about their products – beyond the sales pitch.


This is why I was excited to see Garden City Essentials opening its doors right in downtown St Catharines.

Jolene, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, started her line of natural skin and body care products because of her own battle to overcome an auto-immune thyroid disease.


Garden City Essentials’ small batch line includes facial treatments and skin care products, deodorant, perfumes, gorgeous nourishing soap bars, lip conditioners, candles and more.

The retail store, located on James Street in downtown St Catharines, has been beautifully renovated into a calming minimalist space with a dedicated art gallery wall where Jolene promotes local artists.


Also on offer in the boutique is a thoughtfully curated selection of other natural skincare, beauty, lifestyle, gifts, and nutritional goods.

Whether you want to find quality natural skincare products for yourself or seek out a special gift for a loved one, Garden City Essentials is a great spot to shop. Pop in and take advantage of Jolene’s caring customer service and wealth of knowledge on her products.


Location 35 James St, St Catharines, ON L2R 5B9