Crossing the bridge on the Merritt Trail near the Historic Knifeworks site

Historic Knifeworks

When we want to take the kids for a walk, but don’t have time to venture too far from our home base in St Catharines, we like to visit the Historic Knifeworks site, park on Westchester Crescent, and walk up to the small walking bridge across the water and walk back along the other side of the creek.


Part of the Merritt Trail, this is the site of  a factory opened in 1870 to produce knives and other sharp instruments such as sickles. You can still see the stone foundations that were part of the original buildings.

Tell the kids to keep an eye out for the elf house amongst the trees!



Approximate walk time A loop from the car park to the walking bridge and back to the car takes us about 40 minutes.

Facilities No.

Picnic tables No.

Play equipment No.

Is there coffee nearby? No. Bring a takeaway.

Location 166 Westchester Crescent St Catharines, ON L2P

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