Craft Espresso Bar St Catharines

Craft Arts Market

Craft Arts Market is a stylishly curated home, gift, lifestyle and art retail store that sells beautiful pieces by mostly local artists on consignment.

Artworks and pickled goods available at Craft Arts Market St Catharines

More importantly to anyone, such as me, craving a flat white coffee from a well-trained barista at 9am most mornings, it is also home to the Craft Espresso Bar.

Flat white espresso coffee at Craft Arts Market St Catharines

It was such a “Yay!” moment for me finding this little gem after moving from Newcastle, Australia, where you can’t walk down a city street without tripping over a hip espresso bar with an award-winning barista.

Craft Arts Market serve Pilot Coffee, which is roasted in Toronto. I almost always manage to swing by for a flat white on my morning walk around downtown St Catharines, and I am always greeted with a smile by the owner, Sarah Jarvis, or her colleague, Nicole (also the creator of Neeks bath bombs – check them out in the store), whipping up a velvety crema poured over a carefully tapped espresso.

Children's gifts at Craft Arts Market St Catharines

I also can’t help but browse the beautiful items on display while waiting for my coffee, and so far I have found thoughtful things for a 1st birthday, a thank-you gift, Fathers’ Day and a few things just for me – like my AeroPress for at-home caffeine emergencies.

Throw cushions available at Craft Arts Market St Catharines

Supporting local artists, local business and finding unique items that aren’t a-dime-a-dozen at the mall is such a win, win for me. And, when there is good flat white coffee served, I just can’t go past it!

Dog accessories at Craft Arts Market St Catharines

Next time you need a pick-me-up, I highly recommend popping into one of my favorite downtown St Kits locations, Craft Arts Market, for an espresso – and then stay for a browse.

There is also word on social media that Sarah Jarvis has a new venture downtown opening in Fall 2017. Apparently, it involves coffee, cocktails, wine, craft beer and food in an “underground” location. Take a peek at Trouble Coffee and Spirits on Instagram.


Location 160 St Paul St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3M2