Edible Options Bakery House

Pop over to 4th Avenue in St Catharines to enjoy a hidden gem. This spacious industrial-style Bakery/Cafe is light-filled and laid back, and the smell – amazing! Rows of glistening chocolate brownies, cookies, and cakes beckon.


For anyone who has special dietary requirements, seeing alternative options listed on a menu is always a bonus. At Edible Options, there are bakery treats for those who are vegan, paleo, egg-free, dairy-free, corn-free and sugar-free all on display.



What you won’t see listed beside any of your favorite cakes and pastries are the words “gluten free” because, guess what Celiacs, everything is! From the crumbly cheese cake crust to the soft sky-high bread, everything at Edible Options is certified gluten free.

Not that this news should turn gluten lovers off. I dare you to spot the difference between these sans-gluten products and your regular baked goods.


This is hands-down the best gluten-free bread I have tasted. And, after being totally gluten free for 11 years, I can say I have put in some serious research. I have no idea how they do it but the bread also remains relatively soft and fresh for a week.


Gluten free or not, when I am indulging in decadence like this, I feel a little better knowing Edible Options don’t use imitation sugars such as Splenda or xylitol – just natural, plant-based sweeteners such as ripe bananas, dates and maple syrup.


There is never a bad time to soak up the goodness here, but I must say that Cinnamon Bun Saturday, the only day of the week Edible Options make cinnamon buns, is my favorite day to pop in and split a sticky and delicious gluten-free cinnamon bun with my honey (they also have Bagel Day and Pot Pie Day; check out Edible Options on Facebook or Instagram to find out more).


Plus, they serve very tasty coffee and sitting in the large windows of this warm warehouse space in the mid-morning sun is very agreeable.

Child friendly? While there is no specific “kids area” or special facilities, the staff at Edible Options a very accomodating, patient and friendly. Also, because of the open warehouse space it is easy to get prams in and out and would be a nice spot for mums with young bubs to meet for coffee and a bite.

Website facebook.com/Edible-Options

Location 300 E Fourth Avenue, Unit 7 St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P9

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